(Last Updated On: 1 June, 2020)

If you’re new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which includes the films produced by Marvel Studios, the comic books by Marvel Comics, and the TV shows from Marvel Television, we’ve created a guide to help you get up to speed. You can’t watch the Marvel films in the order they released. They’re not chronological, which is confusing if you love timelines.

That’s why we’re showing you a different order – arranged by when the events in each film happen. While the MCU officially started in 2008, with the release of Iron Man, it’s not the first film you should watch. You should start with Captain America: The First Avenger. It released in 2011 and is the fifth film from Marvel Studios. But it’s set, initially, in 1942 – decades before Iron Man.

There will be a few spoilers below. If you want to avoid that, go to the bottom. We have an at-a-glance list with only the Marvel films, and it’s free of spoilers. Along with that list, we’ve compiled two others: One is a complete MCU Timeline list with both the movies and the TV shows; the other is a speed-run list with only the most important Marvel films you must watch before Endgame.


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