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Masterpiece (2019)


Release Date:  24 June 2019.


Akshay Oberoi

Simrat Kaur.

Directed By: Rajeev Barnwal

Presented By: Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films





YouTube, in these past years, has seen quite a lot of growth. Enough to carry a range of web series/short films on its platform.  Large Short Films’ ‘Masterpiece’ is another example of that apparent trend. It is a short film, running for almost 20 minutes. The short film belongs to a genre of thrill, intrigue, and drama. It is about an artist, and his voyage to reach his set destination, that is, his masterpiece. The journey he takes to meet his art, in whatever twisted way he perceives said art, and all the possible measures he’s ready to take, and risk, is explored in this story.

Essentially ‘Masterpiece’ tries to touch the theme of unexplored art, and its mastermind – the artist.



The plot bases itself on the artist. The artist Abheek (Akshay Oberoi). And his unexplained chase to pursue his masterpiece. He feels his chase come to a close when, one day, his eyes meet a girl, Baani. This takes place in a café, where the artist Abheek attempts to capture her in his art, meaning he starts to sketch her appearance. But gets caught in this exploration. The girl comes at him in disagreement with his act, one he started without her consent. But after everything’s done and apologized for, with time they form a close friendship. Soon enough he asks her permission to be the source of his art, and she says yes. Here comes a surprising twist, since the ending is not at length predictable.


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What works?

  • The Ending
  • Akshay Oberoi’s Acting.

The Ending.

The story does not start the way it ends its note on. In no way or shape, does it throw off even a hint of what is going to happen. Or what route it is leaning on. That is why, as the audience, most of us see it as a simple, normal and convincing story. But not for long, as the pint of darkness takes over and hits us right in the face. There is indeed an uncomfortable air/atmosphere moving around throughout the story, but we don’t seem to identify it. The ending arrives to resolve and consume the thrill of it all. The ending – the last stroke ‘Masterpiece’ leaves its story on, might just be the highlight of this whole journey.

short film

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Akshay Oberoi- the Actor.

We are not just saying this. Akshay Oberoi, who plays the artist, is brilliant in ‘Masterpiece’. The same praise might come from everyone who has seen him act in this short film. He takes on his role and delivers it beautifully. He is one of the reasons that make the story what it is. The insights to his psychotic role are captured by the actor just as the direction demands.

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What doesn’t work?

  • The Execution
  • Unsatisfying performances

The execution

For what the story aimed to provide, the execution didn’t really achieve it. Although the idea behind the build-up for the ending seemed great, the point of reveal left some underwhelmed. And unimpressed. The potential is clear. But at the same time, we felt it could have been better packed, polished, or prepared. Before it was to be released on screen.

Some unsatisfying performances

We didn’t see the conviction in quite a few performances in the short film. The supporting actors did not seem to do justice to their characters. The story, it seems, could have landed better with better role portrayals (not counting the main guy).

‘Masterpiece’ is available to watch on YouTube or LargeShortFilms.com.

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