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Mirzapur explores the lawless and corrupt world of mafias and crime overlords in the heart of North India. With mafias and guns follows violence, gun trades, bloodshed, love, rivalry, politicians and government officials. Due to its gripping plot, script, and intense acting, it is grabbing the attention of mass all over India. This web series is not like those familiar crime thrillers plot that you come across often. It adds a new shade to the age-old mafia movies that we watch in Bollywood mostly. Moreover, the bold and badass dialogues are serving hilarious memes on various social media platforms.

Let’s dig into some of the memes from Mirzapur that are funny and relatable:


Once a backbencher,  always a backbencher!




Just Chai Lover Things!

When you meet someone who shares the same amount of love for chai like you.

memes from mirzapur


Story of every other day

Then our study break continues for the whole day.




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That annoying roommate!

web show


Parent-Teacher meeting = Our Doomsday

crime thriller series


Oh well! we all have been there.

memes from mirzapur


#Sadlife #Tragic

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Nothing can be comparable to those crazy 3 AM thoughts.

When you want to sleep but your brain says sike.

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Only PUBG lovers things!!


web show

These are some of the funny and relatable memes from Mirzapur which are going around on various social networking sites. If you have more, don’t forget to leave them in the comment section.

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