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Mind The Malhotras (2019-)

Amazon prime show


Release date: 7 June 2019

Number of Episodes:  9


Cyrus Sahukar

Mini Mathur

Denzil Smith

Sushmita Mukherjee

Written By: 

Sahil Sangha

Karan Sharma

Directed By: Sahil Sangha

Genre: Comedy, Drama

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About the series

Mind the Malhotras, an Amazon Prime show is a light-hearted comedy-drama revolving around the life of the Malhotras. It focuses on the problems and issues of Rishabh and Shefali who are going through the mid-life marital crisis. Their friend’s divorce triggered them to consult a therapist with quirky ideas to spice up their dull relationship. The couple’s funny role plays to save their marriage along with their children’s antiques promises a power-packed comedy for family.

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When yet another married couple within their friend circle files for divorce, Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra fear that their marriage too can be a ticking time bomb. They seek professional help from a puzzling therapist who dredges up the most bizarre moments in the Malhotras’ family life be it the quality of their sex life, the quirks of their three kids or the antics of Rishabh’s annoying mother.

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What Works

What Doesn’t Work

The Acting

Cyrus Sahukar as Rishabh, Mini Mathur as Shefali and Sushmita Mukherjee as the irritating mother in law justifies their characters skillfully. Mini Mathur as the modern and open-minded mother played her role effortlessly. Moreover, Shefali’s take on quirky role plays and freely asking her daughter to introduce her boyfriend stands out as a bold approach of a modern woman. Cyrus as the funny, lazy and doting father plays his role aptly. Amidst all the chaos, the intolerable nok-jhoks and manipulations of the mother in law is perfectly played by Sushmita Mukherjee.

Mind the Malhotras

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The Refreshing Storyline

Unlike the boring and clichéd plots of daily soaps, this Amazon Prime show presents a new take on Indian family sitcom. If you watch American sitcoms a lot, then you may find Mind the Malhotras quite similar. However, the show attempt to focus on the issues of a mid-life crisis, parenting and the couple’s struggle to spice up their married life. You can give it a chance to experience a new take on modern Indian family.

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The Hilarious scenes

Mind The Malhotras marked its area as a must watch comedy since the release of its hilarious trailer. The funny dialogues, hilarious tricks by the children and the humorous take on the marital crisis are good enough to make you laugh out loud. Some of the funny scenes are going to imprint in your mind forever. For example, Rishabh trying to educate her daughter about sex talking about flowers and Ding dong like age-old Bollywood movies is highly entertaining. Moreover, the comic timing of Rishabh while sneaking in the matter of expensive fees during consultations is quite humorous.

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Mishandling of the actual issue

Mind the Malhotras tries to serve a humorous take on the mid-life crisis of a married couple. There are many funny scenes, but you will find them going overboard with the dialogues. Most of them lack the liveliness as you move forward to 5th or 6th episodes. While adding humour and laughter, they do not give much attention to glorifying the actual issues. For example, where does the parenting goes wrong? Why do they need therapy? Where do they lack in maintaining their relationship?


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Weak Plot and Script

The amusing conversations and one-liners in Mind the Malhotras may make you laugh out loud. However, the plot becomes repetitive with boring talks and the same monotonous therapy sessions. There is not much to talk about their relationship except forced funny dialogues. The plot gets lost midway. However, it is still watchable in later parts due to additional humour of the mother in law making it more seem like an actual sitcom.

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Lack of Character depth

None of the characters in Mind The Malhotras is written well enough. They couldn’t use the actor’s potential properly to entertain the audience. You will see that the characters in this show did not stand out as an individual. A family comedy-drama dealing with the issues of urban society needs to give its characters more depth to make the viewers relate to them. The weak plot seems to be the main reason behind the lack of character growth.


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Mind The Malhotras is a light comedy to refresh your mind. However, if you are looking for something with a good plot, comic relief and strong characters that can make you binge watch, then it won’t be your cup of tea.

Mind The Malhotras is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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