(Last Updated On: 31 July, 2019)

Typewriter is a horror web series which centers around the plot of a typewriter in an old villa in Goa. A group of four kids discovers the spooky details and murders associated with a ghost that resides in it. Thus, this Netflix web series explores sudden murders, mysterious events, and ghosts along with supernatural powers in the most chilling way. The refreshing script, storyline and thrilling moments keep you on the edge till the end. Moreover, the presence of curious young ghost hunters makes it worth watching.

Here are some of the best moments from Typewriter that we are loving a lot:


The Epic Operation School Bell

I bet the way these kids carried out this operation sneakily for their ghost hunt has a separate fanbase of its own already.

moments from typewriter

When Sam befriends Moses


That epic “Conjuring gaya tel lene!” moment


That much needed Father-daughter moment

When Ravi talks it out with Sam that ghost hunting will not bring back someone we lost. Our close ones are always inside our heart.


The presence of mind of these kiddos in such adversity

web series

These are some of the amazing moments from Typewriter that we are loving nowadays. If you still haven’t watched it, just go for it already!


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