(Last Updated On: 13 May, 2020)

Naveen Kasturia is one such face of web platform who needs no introduction. The humongous success of TVF Pitchers can be fairly accredited to Naveen. Not only did he play one of the leads, but also create the memorable show. Apart from that, he has acted, directed, and written several movies and web series. We had an interactive Instagram live chat with Naveen Kasturia recently.

Naveen Kasturia

Here are some of the insights from our candid session:

Naveen, how are you spending your quarantine?

Staying alone, first of all, isn’t unmanageable to me at all. I have been practicing my cooking skills a lot. Just the morning before I cooked Poha for myself. Other than that, I have been trying various chicken dishes, sauteed vegetables, etc. So, this quarantine has been like this.

Are you watching any show currently?

Cooking has diverted my attention from everything else. However, I have recently watched Panchayat. I must say Jeetu has done a tremendous job. Every actor in the series has made a mark for himself. It’s a must-watch.

We have heard you were born in Nigeria. When did you move to India?

I have stayed there for only a year. Dad was teaching out there. I was very young when we moved back to India.

Tell us something about your journey.
Naveen Kasturia
In Bose: Dead or Alive

Like most of you, even I come from a family of strict parents. I was associated with theatres and stage shows for long. However, they wanted me to have a stable job first. So I did start working in one. However, I wasn’t able to do justice to my passion during my job. I had to quit it and focus on acting. Hence, I did.

I started as an assistant director in Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Se Dhoka. Post that, I have worked as an AD in a few other projects and continued theatre. This is when I made contacts with various filmmakers and started getting called for auditions. Gradually, I met the people in TVF and everything fell in the right place.

What do you have to say about the positive response to Happily Ever After?
Naveen Kasturia
With Harshita Gaur in Happily Ever After

I feel touched. All of us have put forth our hard work behind the project, hence, getting rewarded for the same. Audiences never fail to make us feel grateful for their warmth.

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