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NAME- Hasmukh

RELEASE DATE – 17th April


DIRECTOR- Nikhil Gonsalves.

CAST-  Vir Das, Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Inaamulhaq and Manoj Pahwa.


About The Series

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Whenever we decide to watch a Netflix original series, expectations are always high. Recently, Netflix premiered a new show Hasmukh which is a dark comedy. The show managed to grab my attention within 20 minutes. The show is set in Saharanpur, where Hasmukh is a stand up comedian. He aspires to be a successful stand up comedian but couldn’t perform on stage because of his fears. After one of his video goes viral, he is invited to perform in Mumbai. Now  here’s the digging part he has to commit a murder if he wants to do well on stage. In other words, whole series  revolves around Hasmukh’s ambition to make it big as a stand up comedian and his morality with lots of ups and downs .

Crux Of Hasmukh

Here's the review of Netflix original web series Hasmukh

One of the main problems is Indian Entertainment Industry it’s lack of originality. For instance , Gangs of Wasseypur was released Even before Indian webs series culture began, then sacred Games  and Mirzapur came with the same genre, Crime.  Therefore, seeing the success of these iconic web series , many web series were created in the same genre. Even though many of these  web series are really good but they lack unique concept. However, Netflix‘s Hasmukh has a uniqjue and fresh concept which makes it work. Also, there  are very few web series on dark comedy in India which is an advantage for Hasmukh.



Vir Das is a stand up comedian in real life too but he failed to stood out in this series. His performance was average in comparison to other actors.However, Ranveer Shorey as Jimmy really stood out and did a commendable job. Ravi kishan also is a delight to watch as the lecherous TV channel honcho, who is sleeping with his secretary and terrified of his wife. Manoj Pahwa keeps making appearances in Hasmukh’s subconscious as the dead Gulati and played his role with perfectly.

Things I Didn’t Like

Here's the review of Netflix original web series Hasmukh

 One of the first thing that disappointed me is Hasmukh’s performances on the stage. As a standup comedian , his punches fails to tickle her bone with humor and they fall flat on face. In the first three episodes, the narrative is compelling and gripping. However, it begans to loose its grip after fourth episodes and the scenes felt a little repetitive. Representation of Mjumbai Police was a little unrealistic and they looked like fools in a Shakespere’s play. Also, I felt a series little stretched with a deliberate effort to create a cliffhanger for next season.


Its a one time watch series with few really good moments. It will entertain you till the end and deserves a chance.

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