(Last Updated On: 13 May, 2020)

Actor, director, writer, all in one. Nidhi Bisht can conveniently be called a powerhouse of talent. She is one of the visionaries behind classic web shows like TVF Pitchers, Tripling, Girls Hostel, and many more. Further, she startled us with her acting prowess in shows like Bisht Please, Mr. And Mrs, and the recent movie Dream Girl.

Nidhi Bisht

While having an interactive live session with Nidhi Bisht, we got to know a lot about her multidimensional journey. Here are some of its highlights:

Nidhi, how is quarantine going on?

My friends and I were far-sighted about such a lockdown happening. We had already begun to panic a week before it got imposed. We were somewhere prepared. Our withdrawal symptoms are now over and we are all charged up. Hence, will be utilizing this period to become a better version of myself.

Any habit you’d like to change during your quarantine?

I am a very lazy person when it comes to working out and stuff. However, I am doing yoga lately. Hopefully, I make this into a habit.

How did the transition from law to acting happen?

I have done an integrated law course from Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi. After that, I specialized in intellectual property rights and practiced in the Delhi High Court for two years.
Par main humesha se nautanki thi. I was simultaneously associated with the theatre during my college life. I made contacts with several IITians during my theatre days. They served as a huge inspiration to me. Hence, I got the confidence to quit my job, move to Bombay, and rejoin theatre. Gradually I came TVF and started writing shows for them. Hence, with the support of Indian web platforms and the audiences, we are here today.

How do you cast talents for the shows of TVF and Girliyapa?

Casting is mostly done through auditions. We pick up the ones with the highest potential, meet them, and have them on board. However, I have not done casting post Pitchers, since I am an actor myself.

Your favorite show of TVF?
Nidhi Bisht
In Bisht Please

I want to say Bisht, Please but it has to be Permanent Roommates. Since it was like a first child to me.

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