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Pablo is thrilling and intense as it takes us through some of the chilliest mood. Here is a review of the short film, Pablo.


Director: Stanley Hector
Available on : Youtube

About the Story

The film starts with a kid staring at an aquarium. Nearby is parrot inside a cage. A man is praying to the lord in the evening. As the man is chanting the mantras, a kid walks aside him to sit near. The man, as he completes his prayer, asks for blessing from the lord to his family. The next morning, we see the mother is offering holy water to the plant of Tulsi. While she is watering the plant, she sees a dead fish on the soil. Freaked out, she looks around, only to find drops of blood scattered around. The father cleans up the mess created as they find out that the parrot is dead. Also, He finds out that this misdeed has been done by their son, Pablo.

Watch the film here: Pablo | Short film


They consider this as a bad omen. They thought that their son has been attacked by some evil spirit, and things aren’t normal with him anymore. Therefore, The father decides to send Pablo to Ammaji. She is a spiritual leader who also once took the father under her guidance, teaching the values in the Gurukul. Following this, Pablo is renamed as Parmanand.

As for his birthday, Parmanand, returns home for a day and the family celebrates happily. The next morning, Parmanand is to go back to the Gurukul, and so the father, Parmanand and his sister are on the way .While we see them travelling on the road, we hear Parmanand’s sister, Kiya’s voice talking to Pablo.In the end,the film ends with Pablo taking out a paper cutter, as Kiya’s voice says to him, “This is the only way”.


The story starts slow and steady. The personalities of the characters remain subtle throughout. The expositions of characters have been wonderfully made, and fitted in the story quite well. The story takes a turn at the casteism and superstition prevailing in our society even today. The kid was influenced by an evil according to everyone. However, instead of understanding their son, they fell into the age old convention of eradicating the evil spirit with mantras and chants.
Since the name of the film is based on the child, Pablo, he could’ve been given more work in his performance. He remained quite and mum throughout.
The story, even though is smooth, it takes a sudden lift in the end with the twist. This leaves audience awestruck .

What Works:

The set is designed cleverly. Not too intricate, not to vague, just the right it can be.
The Color palettes have been captivating. With a blend of blue, and yellow, the film moods into something cold and yet pale. Therefore, it looks beautiful.

What doesn’t work: The camera work could have been better. More smoother. As the film proceeds, the camera movements feel a little offbeat.

Rating: 3.5/5


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