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Aasif Khan is an Indian Actor born on 13th March 1991 in Nimbahera, a small town in Rajasthan. His father Mr. Late Ayyub Khan was a worker in J.K.Cement and his mother Mrs. Firdous Khan is a housewife. He shifted to Jaipur in 2012. He did 5 years of theatre plays in Jaipur for Sarthak and Ujaagar Theatre group. After doing professional theatre with many eminent theatre groups and personalities, he shifted to Mumbai in 2016. He worked in several movies and web series an actor and won Best Actor for “Vacancy” Cineshorts by Viacom 18 and Best Actor for “Vacancy” by Skylight Film Festival. Aasif Khan is also working as a Casting Director.

Aasif Khan has played an important character in the web series Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega. You must have seen him earlier in the web series Mirzapur but do you know how much he has struggled in order to fulfill his dream of acting.Lets ask him!

1)What are you doing during your lockdown?

This lockdown is very important for all of us.All of our lives,we have been waiting for a break and some quality time for ourselves,we finally have that time.
I have been reading and watching a few movies and series.Its been fun so far.

2) Any recommendations?

The reach of these online streaming platforms are vast and so you will find diverse content wherever you go.I would recommend you to watch series like Jamtara,etc because those talk about the stories of people whom we never talk about.So I feel that would be interesting and new for you guys

3) How was your journey to Bombay?

Well,as we know we don’t get the things we want without any prior hardwork or anything.
Same thing happened with me too.I was the guy with dreams in my eyes standing in Bombay.But all the casting directors rejected me and I didn’t get a single offer or role.
So I went off to Jaipur to study and gain some experience in Theatre.I felt that I had to work on myself and that turned out to be true.I feel that Jaipur was a really good decision.

4) How did you kickstart your career in Bombay?

When I came to Bombay after doing a lot of theatre in Jaipur,I thought I would get the roles and become an actor.But that didn’t happen.I actually started working for a casting firm.And after working hard,I got my first big break as an actor.

5) How did you manage to get to work in ‘India’s most wanted’?

While I was working for a casting firm, a got a call from Raj Kumar Gupta,the director.Turns out he noticed me and decided to cast me in his upcoming film.It was all a blessing.Im so thankful to him for being my mentor.

6) We loved you in your short film ‘Vacancy’.How was the experience?

Working with Anurag Bhupen was a really great experience for me.It was a bit challenging though.Because you really don’t have much time to update your character as it’s a short film.But Anurag and the whole team was really supportive and all over it was an exciting project.

7) Will there be a Jamtara 2 or Panchayat 2?The fans are really excited to know.

There is no official news from the directors,not that I know of any.
But both of these shows have been a big hit so far..so I believe there might be.
But again.Cant say for sure.
I’d love to work with the same team again.

8) How was the experience while working with Jeetu bhaiya?

Jeetu bhaiya is no doubt a great co-star.He is very supportive and serious when it comes to acting.There were a lot of funny moments while we were shooting.We all had a great time to be honest.I’d love to work with him again.

9) You’re originally from Rajasthan.So when did you plan on coming to Bombay?

I think acting was my passion since the beginning.I always wanted to act and I’ve heard many success stories about people who go to Bombay.And I followed my dreams and landed up here.

10) How do your future projects look like?

Well,the lockdown has really put us all on pause.But I do have a few projects lined up.I can’t really tell you the names because it’s kinda confidential.I can assure you’ll see me acting soon!

11) Any suggestions to the fans?

Yes! I would suggest everyone to stay at home and follow the guidelines by the government.
Also,don’t forget to follow your dreams.
Keep trying even if it’s impossible.
Stay safe.
Spend time with your family.
Have fun.
Thank you!This is Aasif Khan, signing off.


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