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Release date-17th April 2020

Available on- AMAZON PRIME

Director- Nupur Asthana

Cast-Sayani GuptaBani JKirti Kulhari ,Maanvi Gagroo


The Amazon Prime‘s women centric Series ‘four more shots please’ revolves around 4 urban girls who stick together as they go through the troubles of life. Umang singh, a fitness trainer and a bisexual finds it hard, to move on from her former partner, samara. Siddhi patel, a bubbly girl is trying to find herself amid her fail professional choices and family issues. Anjana Menon, a very successful lawyer, finds herself stuck between moral and inner desires. Damini Roy, though trying to complete her novel , finds her life getting out of her control.

Here’s the trailer of season 2 of four more shots please.

The  series starts with Siddhi drunk-dialing Umang while walking on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. This results in four girls meeting and reconciling with each other. Siddhi is now more confident about her body  but still can’t deal with adulting . However, she tries to make it as a standup comedian. Damini , still reeling under the loss of her website is now trying to complete a controversial novel that may  have a potential to turn her life upside down. Umang decides to get back with samara and give it a proper shot. Anjana tries to find closure from her ex husband.


four more shots please season 2 review

New season of ‘four more shots please’ more or less deals with the same drama we saw in season 1 as Anjana rightly said ‘Deja-chu’. The heartwarming friendships between the girls continues to bring smile on the faces of the viewers .The plot twist that deals with pregnancy, misogyny, Anti-nationalism, infidelity and constant heartbreaks felt a loose attempt to showcase feminism and somewhere fails to connect with audience. The gorgeous and glamorous outfits of stars with pretty locations are a joy to watch. The love lives of girls go through lots of ups and downs and few moments like Anjana taking stand for herself against gender based discrimination in work place and siddhi talking about shamming were commendable. This feel good series is a good take at lives of  urban women . If you liked the first season ,then you  should definitely binge watch this season.

What works: cinematography , drama

What doesn’t work: stretched story line.

Ratings- 3/5

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