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NAME– Never Have I Ever

Release Date – 27th April

Cast – Richa Moorjani, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Ramona Young, John McEnroe.

Program creator: Mindy Kaling


Netflix‘s latest series on an Indian- American teenager got us all excited. This romantic comedy series starring at several diverse actors released on April 27 received a  lot of positive response from the critics. Check out our review of Netflix new show Never have I ever.

Never Have I Ever

About the story

Never have I ever  is a story about an Indian-American woman and her experiences when she began searching for a boyfriend. Devi is a topper in her school, a successful student with strict parent, essentially what an Indian child is supposed to be. Yet she wants to make a boyfriend, and she wants everyone to forget that her legs were crippled in sophomore  year after her father died.However, her strict mother, a goody two shoes cousin and a little chance to find a boyfriend only stirs up events in motion that make Devi’s journey unpleasant and amusing and emotional in places.

Here’s the trailer of the series

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Never Have I Ever

When I started to watch Never Have I ever, I was expecting a standard Netflix romantic comedy, but it’s more than that. Devi needs to make a boyfriend but Devi wants her dad back as well. She could piss off everyone she knows, and maybe postpone discussing her issues, but she’s a messed up soul who wants to recover by letting her dad go.

Eleanor and Fabiola, Devi’s friends, have their own problems and stories. The series isn’t just about Devi. Her nemesis Ben is a lonely boy who’s trying to find his place in the world. Paxton, Devi’s crush is not a traditional Netflix bad guy, he’s a nice boy, he’s talking to Devi, but he’s still worried about his status. He was angry when he found out about Devi’s lie, but he didn’t ruin her reputation. Her cousin Kamala is also trying to solve her problems. What makes this show unique is the characters’ history and stories are presented in the series without feeling forced. Ben’s side of the story told by Andy Samberg was literally a pleasure to watch.

Never Have I Ever

This story of an Indian American teenager who isn’t too good but isn’t too bad either turns out to be relatable. Above all,  the background music and funny remarks makes it a good watch.

What works –

Good background music, entertaining story, Short episodes.

What doesn’t work –

Sudden ending

never have i ever

Ratings –


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