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Are you looking for some refreshing movies to watch this weekend? But not exactly in the mood of some lovey-dovey romantic movies or comedy? Then turn your attention to some mind blending mystery and psychological thrillers that can keep you on the edge till the end. An amazing suspense movie not only entertains but also bombard you with brainstorming moments to make you think long after it ends. Also, open endings are quite common in these kinds of movies. Thus, adding a thrill of discussing and forming theories with your friends.

So, here’s a list of top-notch suspense movies to keep you glued to your sofa till the end:


Taken 3 (2014)

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It’s an action thriller about an ex-government official who is on run after being falsely accused of a ruthless murder. Will he run from this unjust accusation till the end of his life? or Will he use his skills to fight back and find the actual murderer? So, this suspense movie is not just the simple cat mouse chase thriller you come across often.


Shanghai (2010)

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Set in Japanese occupied Shanghai, an American man sets on an expedition to find out the mysteries and betrayal related to his friend’s death. This movie explores the corruption, spies and secretive affairs of Shanghai. Also, it beautifully captures its dark and turbulent period in the 1940s.


Takers (2010)

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This is a detective thriller and suspense movie about a terrific team of bank robbers leading a luxurious life. What will happen when a detective is already ahead of their plan for the next heist? Will they surrender at last? The plot is simple but it’s quite entertaining for a one time watch.


Knock Knock (2015)

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Knock Knock is a sexy crime thriller about a devoted father and husband whose life turned upside down after he opens his house for two stranded women. But unfortunately, they are the greatest seductress with ulterior motives. Here, starts the deadly game of seduction and temptation bringing the biggest nightmare in his life.


The Kingdom (2007)

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The Kingdom is an adventure, thriller and suspense movie about a big terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. When a team of elite FBI team is sent to investigate the bombings, two Saudi cops also tried their best fight the brutal system despite political pressure. Thus, this movie not only unraveled the mysteries behind the attack but also explored the weaknesses and strengths of human beings in the midst of corruption.


Inside Man (2006)

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This crime thriller is about an ingenious bank robber, detective, and broker coming together for a much-needed negotiation. Inside Man is not your everyday bank robber-detective chase story. Moreover, it presents a unique and intelligent plot with unexpected twists and turns.


The River Murders (2011)

the river murders

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We usually come across same Hollywood thrillers with detectives investigating a series of murders. What will happen when the FBI finds out the detective’s connections and ties with all the victims? Thus, this suspense movie may seem like a conventional thriller at first but soon the most unexpected mysteries unravel slowly.


Seeking Justice (2011)

Seeking justice

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“Vengeance always comes with a certain price”. Seeking Justice focuses on the life of an English teacher who takes the help of a vigilante group to seek justice for his wife’s assault. However, the organization demands a ‘favor’ from him in return. Will he start following their orders and become a killer? or He has something else going on in his mind. This is a good action thriller with some unexpected twists and dark mysteries.


The Bone Collector (1999)

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The Bone collecter is a suspense thriller about a quadriplegic ex-cop and his partner who track down a sadist serial killer in New York City. However, the killer soon starts leaving clues for them in unexpected places. This movie is not only about the usual serial killing case. But a psychological thriller which explores the human mind, emotions, and feelings of each and every character. Be it the immobile ex-detective or his partner, played by Angelina Jolie.


The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)

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The Taking of Pelham 123 is a crime action and suspense movie about an early afternoon hijack of a subway train in Manhattan. In the midst of the hostage situation, a dispatcher becomes the only way to connect the government to the mastermind of this hijack. However, as the plot unfolds, you will start doubting every single person around this terrorizing situation. This movie is quite a good thriller if you are looking for a quick entertainment in your free time.

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