(Last Updated On: 13 June, 2020)

Name: The Casino-My game My rules

Available on: ZEE5

Released on: 12 June 2020

Director: Hardik Gajjar

Starring: Sudhanshu Pandey, Karanvir Bohra, and Mandana Karimi

About the story:

ZEE5 latest crime thriller’s Casino-My game My rules’ is about the largest Casino of Nepal, and also the squeeze play that unfolds to accumulate the ownership rights of the multi-million dollar business. With the primary three episodes, we meet the leading cast, the power influenced hierarchy of Nepal, two full-length songs, three murders, and an idea for the fourth murder.



ZEE5 new series The Casino, My game, My rules, is about a billion-dollar casino that’s directed and produced by Hardik Gajjar. The story is about this dangerous game and a casino that’s owned by an affluent Mr. Marwah. It weaves around this upper-class and snobbish Marwah family mainly between the daddy and therefore the son. The tiff between them is what makes the middle stage.


The Casino’ features a racy crime thriller plot that is full of twists, romance, and tons of steamy scenes. The lead cast includes a captivating Mandana Karimi within the role of a hot manipulator while Sudhanshu Pandey is cast as ‘Mr. Marwah who is a stinking rich casino tycoon. Karanvir Bohra plays the role of Vicky Marwah, son of Mr. Marwah, the billionaire. Rehana, played by Mandana tries to grab an enormous chunk of the casino empire while it’s now up to Vicky Marwah to take a call if he would really like to stake claim to the billions before it’s too late.


The story is meant to be about the power struggle between Rihana and Vicky over the casino. However, neither of them even have an oz of control over the casino. Vicky’s character is introduced as the sweet and straightforward rich guy. Instead, he comes off as a 30-year-old psychopath, who is scared of his father. Rihana, on the opposite hand, is Mr. Marwah’s ‘keep’, but openly flirts with the son and the father without any consequences.


Overall, The Casino – My Game. My Rule tries to use the age-old story formula of an influence struggle in an exceedingly rich family, but in an attempt to catch the audience off-guard, the director has ended up with a messy story.

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