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The Final Call (2019-)

The Final Call


Release date: 22 February 2019

Number of Episodes:  8


Arjun Rampal

Sakshi Tanwar

Javed Jaffrey

Neeraj Kabi

Anupriya Goenka

Anshuman Malhotra

Paula McGlynn

Written By: 

Vijay Lalwani

Ramendra Vasishth

Directed By: Vijay Lalwani

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Philosophy

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About the series

The Final Call is an Indian thriller web drama whose all the episodes are streaming in ZEE5. This ZEE5 Original series is based on Priya Kumar’s novel I Will Go With You: The Fight of a Lifetime. It revolves around the fate of passengers of Skyline flight 502 from Mumbai to Sydney. Their lives are exposed to danger when the captain decides to commit suicide on board risking the lives of 300 people.

the final call arjun rampal

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This tells us the vigorous story of an airline officer, Kiran Mirza, and her ATS team. When their pilot, Karan Sachdev attempts to commit suicide, they risk themselves and jump in to save the lives of 300 passengers. Will they be able to save the life of passengers? Or it will turn out to be their last flight? What is inside the twisted mind of Karan? Will he give up his life?

the final call zee5

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It also focuses on the back story of Mr Sachdev and what led him to become the man who he is now. Same goes with the other important characters.

What Works

What Doesn’t Work

The Acting

Arjun Rampal as the suicidal pilot Karan Sachdev played his role skillfully. Being a former Airforce officer who is troubled with his past experiences, he makes you wonder what goes deep inside his complex mind. Sakshi Tanwar as Kiran Mirza stands out as a bold, responsible and strong female lead. Her patience and intelligence while working with ATS team in the adversity absorbs you further into this web series. The way she handles the situation despite unwanted criticism is quite applaudable. Javed Jaffrey as a business tycoon and Neeraj Kabi as astrologer also played their role aptly. The terrific acting of all of them in this ZEE5 Original keeps you on the edge till the end.

ZEE5 Original

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The Unique Storyline

The Final Call has a quite interesting and unique plot, unlike other familiar crime thrillers. Along with the multiple storylines of various characters on a life-threatening flight, it adds a philosophical twist. This ZEE5 Original series serves you a spine chilling experience till the end. However, it also takes a new approach to spirituality while discussing life, death, fate, and destiny. Moreover, V. Krishnamurthy adds his astrology Gyan (knowledge) to broaden the discussion.

The Final call

The unique plot branched into multiple storylines will make you ponder over the complexities of the human mind. This the power of this outstanding dark thriller, The Final Call. This ZEE5 Original is very much beyond to be identified as a terrifying thriller. It is more philosophical and psychological.

The Prominent Character Depth

In The Final Call, all the characters have important and multi-layered roles. Be it vulnerable pilot, airline officer, the astrologer, or the 18-year-old boy.  They have their own story and each of them connects with the main storyline. Their individual stories add more depth to their characters. It adds more clarity to the theme of life and destiny. Moreover, it deals with mental issues appropriately. The multiple layers of the characters connect the stories which hold the plot together.


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If you focus on the character of Karan, you will feel the inner conflict of him. On one hand, he has to fulfil the duty, while on the other hand he is traumatized by his memories. This tempted him to carry the poison along with him to the flight. It requires you to go through the journey of 8 episodes to fully understand him in The Final Call.

Too Much Astrology

Though one can ignore the overly stretched flashbacks, for some of you, the too much accuracy of astrology may seem laughable. The way Krishnamurthy can exactly predict the time of his own death and some of the passengers are hard to digest. He is so much precise that he has even prepared for his last rites before boarding the flight. He can even predict who is going to die within how many hours. If they are going to take astrology to an extraordinary level, then they can easily add a fantasy tag too. This is exactly how you will not like to ruin your experience of a brilliant thriller.

web series

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The Less Impactful Dialogues

You may not require many eye-catching dialogues as the gripping plot is enough to hook you to the very end. But a one or two impactful ones can be effective enough to imprint this Eros Now Originals in your mind for a long time. Despite all these flaws, the Final Call marks itself an outstanding thrilling web series.

bad writing and dialogues in the final call

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If you are searching for some offbeat and refreshing thriller this weekend, go for it. It’s binge-worthy! We are loving it.

The Final Call is available for streaming on ZEE5.

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