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The Investigation(2019-)

The InvestigationThe Investigation

Release date:

6 January 2019

Number of Episodes: 9


Hiten Tejwani

Leena Jumani

Aryamann Seth

Prakash Ramchandani

Directed By: Nitesh Singh

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

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About the series

The Investigation is an Indian crime thriller web drama whose all episodes are streaming on Eros Now. This Eros Now Quickie focuses on the life of a cop who is a well-known genius in his department for solving complex crimes. But his life soon turns upside down when he gets a murder case on his desk to solve.

The Investigation Eros Now

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This Eros Now Original tells us the story of an investigative officer, ACP Vishal Gaikwad. His life goes haywire after he entangles with a murder case.  The photo of the victim shocks Vishal as he has a heated argument with him at the public lavatory of the bar where he is murdered. His instincts say that he may have been involved in this murder. Moreover, his personal life also seems complicated. How will he mould this situation? Will he surrender himself or prove it as an accident? Is it an accidental murder or someone is trying to frame him? This web series unravels the mysteries of the murder case of a student leader which will bring down every other person related to him.

Hiten Tejwani in the investigation

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What Works

What Doesn’t Work

The Acting

Hiten Tejwani as ACP Vishal, Leena Jumani as Swati and Aryamann as Anuj played their roles efficiently. Hiten Tejwani as soon to be divorced investigative officer makes you feel the depth of his emotions. You are bound to be conflicted whether to pity him or loathe him till the climax.  He nails his role as a tough and genius officer who himself may be the one behind the homicide.

Eros Now

Swati’s role is not only limited to Vishal’s wife. There is much more to her character as you go further into the show.  Her relationship with Anuj is something you should look forward to. Aryamann as Anuj portrays the role of the victim and his chemistry with Swati is good enough. There are no overacting or dramatic scenes to spice up unnecessarily.

Character Depth

In “The Investigation”, every character stands out as an individual. You can point out their essence and feel the strength of their roles that are required in a mystery drama. Most of you have seen Hiten Tejwani and Leena Jumani in daily soaps as romantic leads or negative roles. However, in this Eros Now Original, you will be stunned to see them portraying the dark and tangled characters perfectly. Vishal’s conflict to carry out his duty as an officer and the doubt of being a murderer himself makes you think what is going on in his complex mind.

The Investigation has very developed characters

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Prakash Ramchandani as his fellow police officer, Sanap also plays an important part in this series. He and his wife’s roles are quite noteworthy compared to other supporting characters. At the end of the day, each one of them will make you analyze and criticize until the end.

The Gripping Storyline

As a dark mystery and crime thriller, The Investigation has most of the elements to keep the audience on the edge till the end. In this web series, instead of making you deduce who is the actual killer, it will let you know about the actual murderer initially. It keeps it open from the very beginning. Their trick is to make you rethink in later episodes whether the one who is shown as the murderer is the one or not. The intriguing plot along with the right amount of twist and turns makes it binge-worthy. Also, the way they connect the subplots within 10 to 15 mins per episodes is applaudable. It is quite crisp and precise.

Eros now Original

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The Lack of Intensity

In this Eros Now Original, the plot may hook you successfully to the thrilling story. But, the recurrence of scenes from a character’s memory several times makes it slow. Through repetitive flashbacks, they tried to imprint those moments in your mind during crucial scenes. Those puzzles the viewers needlessly. Moreover, too much of it cuts the flow of the story. In a crime thriller, some things should be kept for the viewers to remember and analyze. These unnecessary scenes reduce the intensity of the drama, especially if the drama is a mystery genre.

web series by eros now

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The Dialogues

In this web series, they wrote the dialogues well, clear and perfect. You may not find many impressive dialogues that one expects in an amazing crime thriller. There are very few which are effective ones. But they do not have that much power to be engraved in your mind for a long time. However, the captivating storyline surpasses these flaws and engross you into the story unknowingly.

Eros now - web series

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In the sea of web series based on Gangster and political crime thrillers, if you are looking for some unique and terrific, go for The Investigation. It’s worth watching!

The Investigation is available for streaming on Eros Now.

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