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The Nightwatchman Webseries HoichoiRelease date
17 May 2019

Cast and Crew
Arjun Chakraborty, Kaushik Sen, Anusha Viswanathan, Ayan Bhattacharjee

Directed by 
Raja Mukherjee

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Crime, Thriller


Bengali, English subtitles and Hindi dub available.

About the Series

The Nightwatchman – Initiation, a Hoichoi web series tells us a story of a simple, introvert, young man, Nishith. He is an orphan and has no friends at all. Nishith’s day begins with his colleagues bullying him and ends with his boss insulting him. His life changes after getting a rewarding job offer. However, this comes from a dark organization with some dangerous consequences. Will he accept the offer? Is this a trap? Will his life change overnight? What will this initiate?

Yes !!

  • The Nightwatchman has a multilayered plot. It goes beyond the story of the main character Nishith. It focuses on the darkness and light in the human mind through various characters. Nishith, a young, introvert man gets bullied and insulted because of his reserved nature and low self- confidence. Drishti, an investigative journalist who is trying to search the whereabouts of the mysterious organization. The narrator, the Overlord of OWS introduces the dark world of trained assassins.
  • The three main characters hold the plot together superbly. It does not seem to be out of place at all. Their acting is powerful enough to make you doubt, and sympathize at the same time.
  • Throughout the 6 episodes, Nishith takes you on his journey of an emotional roller coaster. You may feel pity, get angry towards his colleagues or even hate him towards the end too. It totally depends on your perspective. This series doesn’t bind to any particular thought or viewpoint.

web series Hoichoi

  • This may seem like a normal crime thriller in the beginning. But it comes with a psychological twist. You will wonder whether the crimes are just Nishith’s hallucinations or he is actually doing it. Is this the end or just the Initiation? Arjun Chakroborty portrays both the positive and negative side of his character amazingly. The narration of Kaushik sen and his mind games played will make you question about him. Dristhi’s bold and daring character gives hope for a better future. However, the fate of her life despite the risks makes you question the very existence of humanity in this inhumane world.
  • The lighting and the dark setting throughout the story did justice to the plot perfectly. Moreover, the series ideally holds a mirror up to the evil side of the society we are living today.  Therefore, The Nightwatchman is beyond those predictions you do while watching a normal crime thriller. It wants you to think, not to solve or assume.


  • Despite a psychological twist within a crime thriller, it is quite predictable. There are very rare surprising elements. So, this Hoichoi web series, The Nightwatchman may seem less interesting to some viewers who expect lots of twists and turns. It makes us question with every twist and happenings. However, the answers are too much clear and precise to leave space for you to think after the ending. Thus, it’s a good watch but not a memorable one.
  • Nothing else.

The most important question the Hoichoiweb series wants us to find is “Who is the Nightwatchman” This very question itself which keeps roaming in our mind makes you more eager about the next episode. It makes you think about the darkness hidden within the familiar city lights.



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