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Enter Mumbai’s yet another ‘slumdog’, Luvz world to see how he came to be known as “The Wolf Of Chawl Street”.

Wolf of chawl street

Director: Pranav Bhasin

Cast : Arnav Bhasin, Sarita Patankar, Ritviq Joshi, Ayush Agarwal, Jugal Pandya, Kevin Rathod

Genre : Mockumentary


This mockumentary, shot in the chawls of Mumbai, features Luvz, ‘a born artist’ who consecutively won third prize in his neighbourhood’s painting competition.

Following in London’s ‘Street Artist’, Banksy, Luvz decides to vandalize the walls of Mumbai, creating the most innovative ‘start up’ in the process.

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The film opens up by the narrator’s views on the vandalism on monuments, which he recently discovered to be a full fledged business. This unusual hook sets up the audience for what awaits next, our protagonist, Luvz.

We then meet Luvz’s mother who is worried for his future, since all his friends have become petty criminals, with one even in the jail.

Luvz solves her worries, by becoming a vandalizing street artist, he combines his passion with the desire of becoming a criminal, and has the ‘best of both worlds’.

Things turn for even better, when he has to spend a whole night in the lock up. He meets his childhood friend and returns back with even greater love for his mother. To the extent that he vandalizes a street wall with the word ‘MAA’. This gives birth to the most innovative start up idea, with a country wide reach.

The chawl is proud of Luvz, acclaiming him the ‘The Wolf Of Chawl Street’.

Writer-director Pranav Bhasin couldn’t have chosen a more absurd subject, an essential must for a mockumentary. The cinematography is great, featuring nicely shot handheld footages.

In a runtime of nine minutes twenty five seconds, the film manages to make a satire on everything from the chawls of Mumbai, alcoholism, demonisation and of course, start ups.

This is one of those short films that remind you of the beauty of the whole concept.

What Works:

The screenplay, cinematography, camera work are absolutely brilliant

What Does Not Work:

The acting could have been more realistic. Nonetheless, Arnav Bhasin and Sarita Patankar are quite convincing as Luvz and his mother the acting.

Rating : 4/5

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