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Whilst talking about certain pop culture elements that have encaptured the hearts of people all over the globe, it must be said that Harry Potter is the first thing that comes to the mind of any person who talks about this particular topic. J.K. Rowling’s series has transformed multiple childhoods in more ways than one, and it goes without saying that these magical books and movies have been imprinted in our minds, due to the sheer level of quality when it came to the story, characters, lore, and various other elements that had been carefully crafted. The classic battle between good and evil was twisted in a brilliant manner.Let’s talk about a few facts about Harry Potter you definitely didnt notice!

1) Free! Completely free of cost!

Harry Potter

The facilities of Hogwarts are truly splendid, and children who attend this school are afforded the care and luxuries that can be provided. Of course, with such luxuries, there has to be a catch. To be more specific, the fees that such a prestigious institution would demand would be absolutely sky-high. So, what exactly is the amount that needs to be paid?

It’s the grand sum of zero Galleons, zero Sickles, and zero Knuts.

Honestly, it’s quite hard to believe that such a luxurious place would require little to no upkeep. But, in the world of magic, it seems that everything is possible — including the unimaginable prospect of no tuition fees.

2) Magic without wands!

In the Harry Potter universe, the importance of wands has been stated time and time again, and for good reason. Wands that are broken, cheap, or not tailored according to the magical aptitude of the user will generally lead to a ton of problems further down the line. And no one would want the only instrument of their magic to be ineffective… unless, that is, there is one other way to cast magic without the use of wands.

Wandless magic is possible in the wizarding world.

In fact, the picture shown above highlights exactly such an instance, where a person in The Leaky Cauldron uses magic without a wand to stir his cup of coffee. Dumbledore has also been seen using wandless magic several times the movies as well.

And, just as one can perform magic without wands…

3) But? What about broomsticks?


Broomsticks are an iconic aspect of the Harry Potter franchise. Of course, it’s not like Rowling invented the concept of using brooms to fly — that had already been established a long, long time ago. However, one can’t deny that the sheer amount of thought that was put into these brooms is nothing short of outstanding. However, similar to the previous entry, brooms aren’t necessary for people to fly. The logic that goes behind this is surprisingly well thought out.

Basically, wands and brooms are tools that channel magic.


While they do make the process of flying or casting easier, it’s not required for a skilled spellcaster to use these tools so that they can use magic. They can discard them if they wish — although it’s not recommended, since magic that’s not channeled properly can end up being volatile and dangerous.

4) Harry’s Scar Was Shaped Like A Lightning Bolt Because Rowling Thought It Was “Cool”


While the previous two entries take an in-depth look at the various small details present in the magical world, here’s something that J.K. Rowling included in the Harry Potter universe simply because she could.

The lightning-shaped scar was solely meant to look cool.

Yep. There’s no hidden reason as to why Harry’s scar was shaped like a lightning bolt. J.K. Rowling just thought that a lightning-shaped scar looked stylish, and decided to include it as a major detail. It’s amazing how one of the most identifiable characteristics of such a popular character stemmed from such a childlike notion.

5) There Are A Total Of 11 Wizarding Schools Present In The World

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire gave us an in-depth look into the vast nature of the magical landscape, by revealing that there were multiple schools that existed along with Hogwarts. The schools of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were introduced in this chapter of Harry’s story, and did wonders when it came to expanding the scope of Rowling’s world.

In fact, the total number of wizarding schools are eleven.

Aside from the three names already mentioned above, the other schools in the Harry Potter universe that have official names are Castelobruxo (South America), Ilvermorny (North America), Koldovstoretz (Russia), Mahoutokoro (Japan), and Uagadou (Africa). There’s a school that’s confirmed to be in Australia, although its name has not been revealed yet.

6) Dumbledore Preferred The Company Of…

Harry potter

Dumbledore’s romantic history is not something we’ve been privy to during the series. So, one can’t be blamed for being curious when it comes to his “orientation.” While the majority might simply assume him to be a straight man, Rowling has gone on record to clarify Dumbledore’s preference, so that these rumors might be put to bed.


Yep, that’s right. In fact, this might explain his deep relationship with Grindelwald, and why he felt so betrayed by his best friend when his vision for a world where Muggles and Wizards could co-exist became rather extreme. Perhaps, deep down, he actually harbored feeling for his close friends.

7) Dumbledore Saw A Happy Family In The Mirror Of Erised


The Mirror of Erised shows the deepest, strongest desires of an individual who peered into its depths. When Dumbledore confronted Harry in front of this mirror, he lied and said his deepest desire was a pair of socks.

In fact, his desire was quite identical to Harry’s.

8) Snape Allowed His Demise Because He Couldn’t Bear The Weight Of His Guilt Anymore

No one was clear when it came to Snape’s motivations, until the very end when he revealed everything to Harry. He was truly one of the deepest characters that Rowling had written and developed in the series, whose profound and undying love for Lily meant that he would always be loyal to her, and her only.

It seems that Snape was being affected mentally by his actions.

9) Harry Can’t Speak Parseltongue Anymore

The Chamber Of Secrets is a memorable chapter in the Harry Potter universe. It showcased a darker side to Hogwarts and the wizarding world, and set the tone for the rest of the adventures that Harry would play an integral role in. One iconic moment from the book (and by extension, the movie), came when Harry was able to speak in Parseltongue with a snake that Malfoy had conjured.

10) Harry And Voldemort Are Actually Related

Voldemort and Harry

Yep, you read that right. The two sides of good and evil — around whom the entire story is structured in the first place — are actually related by blood. Granted, this relation might be fickle, but that doesn’t negate the fact that this relation still exists. The Peverells are the main culprits for this relation — the people who were the main subject of a popular story in the wizarding world.

The name of this story is “The Tale of Three Brothers.”

So! I bet these were some of facts about our favourite ‘Harry Potter’ you definitely didn’t have a clue about!

We’ll be back with more content on Harry Potter soon!

Until then..

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