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Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned hero these days?And where will you find a ton of action packed heroes who can go at any lengths to the save lives on earth?Marvel obviously!Wondering who are the top 10 avengers in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU)? Well,stay tuned and keep reading..



Ant man

We start off our list with Ant-Man. Scott Lang’s journey started as a criminal, but Hank Pym gave him his Ant-Man suit after seeing his potential. Ant-Man is famous because of his funny nature. Ant-Man was the one who gave the idea of time travel to avengers in Avengers: Endgame when he came back from Quantum Realm. With his idea avengers were able to bring back everyone they lost in Infinity War. We all saw his potential in the Civil War movie and in Endgame when with his one-punch he destroys a whole alien spaceship.



Scarlet Witch went through a lot in her journey, the death of his brother in Age of Ultron and death of Vision in Infinity War was too much for her. Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful characters of MCU. We’ve seen her fight in Age of Ultron when she played with the mind of avengers and in Sokovia Battle when she shows us a glimpse of her power. Even in Avengers Endgame, she shows her potential while fighting Thanos. Scarlett Witch, in my opinion, is among the top 3 most powerful avengers. Fans not only like her because of her powers but also because of her emotional background story.



Clint Barton is an experienced shield agent. He can defeat anyone with his arrows and weapons. Hawkeye’s character develops drastically in Endgame. He also played an important role in Avengers: Endgame. His most important ability is that he never misses his target. Hawkeye was the one who defeated Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. We’ve also seen his family in Age of Ultron where we came to know that superheroes also have feeling and they have to sacrifice their dreams to save the world.


T’Challa is not only a generous king, but he is the one who is saving Wakanda from outside threats. He’s fan’s favorite because of two specific reasons. One is that he always ready to put his life on the line to save his people, and the other one is that he goes against his elders and let the world use his weapons that were made of Vibranium to fight Thanos. Black Panther’s Vibranium suit is one of the coolest suits of MCU.



Doctor Strange started his journey as an egoistic neurosurgeon. He became one of the most fan’s favourite Avenger after debuting in Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok and Endgame. Fans like him because of his wide range of powers. Doctor Strange is the one who impinges two most powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe’s supervillains; Thanos and Dormammu. Doctor Strange is himself a mini Infinity Gauntlet. Doctor Strange was the one who saved the earth from Dormammu, and he played an important in defeating Thanos.



Spider-Man will be the one who will be the most focused character of MCU. In his short journey in Avengers movies, he has learned a lot already. With his introduction in the Civil War, he became the fan’s favourite. After defeating Falcon and Bucky, he proves that he is powerful too. Spider-Man’s death in Infinity War is one of the most emotional scene ever in MCU. MCU’s version of Spider-Man had advantages of different suites. The best Spider-Man suit, in my opinion, is Iron Spider Suit.



Hulk is the fan’s favourite because of his anger. He  is pro in just one thing that is smashing. Hulk’s character changes a lot of time in MCU. The Ragnarok’s Hulk, who was strong and funny was one of the fan favourite Hulk. We’ve seen a unique version of Hulk in Endgame which was professor Hulk. Bruce Baner aka Hulk is also MCU’s one of the intelligent character.


Steve Rogers wanted to become a soldier from childhood, and after injecting Super Soldier Serum, he became Super-Soldier and changed into Captain America. We have seen three versions of Captain America, one is Civil War’s Captain America other one is Infinity War’s Captain America and last on is Endgame’s Captain America. My personal favourite is Infinity War’s Cap. When Captain America said Avengers Assemble in Endgame, it was one of the best moment of MCU. Cap is not the fan’s favourite because of his power but because of his character. That’s the reason why he is the leader of the Avengers.



If you ask any MCU fan who is the most powerful superhero of MCU, his answer will be Thor. Definitely, Thor is one of the most powerful MCU superheroes. Thor’s character changes from an arrogant prince to Asgard’s King, which is splendid. His character development was one of the best in MCU series. Thor: Ragnarok made him fan favourite and Endgame made him legend. Thor’s entry in Infinity War during Wakanda fight was one of the best entry in entire MCU. Thor is the fan’s favourite because of his powers and also his emotional story where he lost almost everything. Thor is one of the badass and powerful characters of MCU.


Iron man

So finally we have Iron Man as the best Avenger of them all. Without any doubt, Iron Man is the most fan favourite character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character development is the best of them all. He stated as a mean, rich and not caring billionaire and became MCU’s legend after saving everyone in Endgame. Tony Stack is fan’s favourite because of his intelligence, funny character and armours. Iron Man is MCU’s coolest superhero and one of the best weapon maker. His death in Endgame was the saddest scene in MCU where he sacrifices himself.

Love you 3000!!

These rankings are based on the popularity of the characters and not their superpowers.If it comes to superpowers,the rankings won’t be affected except for one thing.

We’ll be adding another superhero who TOPS the list of the most powerful avengers in the MCU.

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Without any doubt,Captain Marvel is the most powerful avenger in the history of MCU.She is the one who saves Iron man when he’s drifting and lost in soace.She made her debut in Captain Marvel and appeared as the ‘saviour’ in the Endgame.

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