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23 years ago, when “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone” was finally published after being rejected by 12 different editors, no one could have imagined the impact it would have on the world. After all, Hogwarts, is the home that we all, aspire to return to. Owing to its timelessness, “Potterheads” find themselves time and again returning back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Binge-watching and reading also brings them to observe certain errors in the series. Here we present you the 10 Biggest errors in the series:

Errors in the Books:

10. Factual Errors In The Dates

Dull Tuesday Evening

The story is said to be taking place on a “dull, grey Tuesday”. However, 1st November 1981 was actually a Sunday.
Similarly, Harry’s eleventh birthday is said to be on a Tuesday. However, in the real world it was a Wednesday.

9. The Winking Snake

Boa Constrictor freed by Harry

In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, the boa constrictor at the zoo supposedly winked at Harry during their conversation. As snakes don’t have eyelids in real life, it is impossible for them to wink.

8. The Clear Witness

Dobby is free

In the second book, Dumbledore concedes that nobody will ever be able to prove that Lucius Malfoy slipped Tom Riddle’s diary to Ginny before the start of the term. At that moment it is true. But only after a few minutes, they have a free elf, Dobby to bear witness to the event. It is also evident that the Ministry considers House Elves competent witnesses, as Dumbledore offers to summon Dobby in “The Order of Phoenix” to give evidence in Harry’s defense.

7. Moaning Myrtle’s Mystery

Moaning Myrtle and the Basilisk

In the same book, it also remains unknown how Moaning Myrtle never notices Ginny visiting her bathroom, or the pipe door opening, or the Basilisk coming through her bathroom.

6. The Order of Killing

Harry duels Voldmort, Lily and James Potter appear

In “The Goblet of Fire”, harry’s parents appear in the wrong sequence. His father appears first but he was killed first so he should appear after Lily, when the core of the two wands connected.
However, this was corrected in the later editions of the book.

5. The Prefect’s Badges

Gryffindor's Prefect's Badge

There is inconsistency with the Gryffindor’s Prefect’s badges. Percy’s batch is silver, according to “The Sorcerer’s Stone” whereas Ron’s badge was Scarlet and Golden in color.

4. Peter Pettigrew On The Marauder’s Map

The Marauder's Map Featuring Peter Pettigrew

It remains unknown how the twins didn’t notice the name “peter” constantly appearing with Ron on the Marauder’s Map since animagus can also appear on it.

3. The Forgotten Memory Charm

Hermoine obliviates death eater's memory

When the golden triovis in the cafe having escaped Death Eaters at Bill’s Wedding, Hermoine says she hasn’t performed the memory charm before. On the contrary before the starting of the book, she performed it on her parents, erasing her memory of them and sending them to Australia.

Errors in the films:

2. Lumos!

Harry Potter casts Lumos!


This is a film-specific error. In the “Prisoner of Azkaban”, Harry is reading a book under his blanket by using the Lumos Charm.

However, this use of magic should alert the Ministry of Magic. It could have also resulted in Harry’s expulsion from Hogwarts, as underage usage of magic is forbidden.

1. “I Open At The close”

Harry Potter holding the Snitch

In “The Sorcerer’s Stone” movie, Harry is holding the snitch in his hands before the match. This is a major plot hole as snitches have flesh memory. A major plot point in the last book is that harry swallows the snitch on his first physical contact with it.

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