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Online streaming has revolutionized the way we consume content. Now the barriers of country or language no longer stop us from watching anything.This also gives us the chance to discover amazing pieces of cinema from our own country.

Here’s presenting top 10 malyalam movies on netflix :

1. Uyare (2019)


Genre : Drama

Imdb : 8.1/10

Pallavi aspires to become a pilot but her former boyfriend jeopardises her career by an acid attack.

Debutant director Manu Ashokan proves that he is a promising talent by giving Mollywood a technically perfect film. It showcases good music, editing and cinematography.

And above all, solid acting by Parvathy. She has managed to bring the tale alive with her subtle and intense acting.

2. Njan Prakashan (2018)

Malyalam film

Genre : Comedy/Satire

Imdb : 7.6/10

Prakashan dreams of living a lavish and easy life abroad. Therefore, he spins an elaborate scheme to make his dream true. However, fate has different plan for him.

Njan Prakashan is an understated film . It is evident from the lessons it offers the central character to the throaway line in a fleeting scene that takes a swipe at Kerala’s poltitical parties.

You should definitely give this a watch.

3. Angamaly Diaries (2017)

Angamaly diaries

Genre : Action/Thriller

Imdb : 8.1/10

Vincent Pope is a boisterous young man who  gets involved in the world of crime. This happens when he loses his temper and acts irrationally during a dispute with a business rival group.

Angamaly Diarie showcases a melange of beautiful visuals and natural performances. Moreover, it is one of the more fresh and terrific attempts made by a filmmaker. In addition, It is the first movie of every actor, which adds to the freshness as well.

It will take the viewers on a 131-minute tour through the lives of people in the small town.

4. Sudani from Nigeria (2018)

Sudani from Nigeria

Genre : Comedy/Sport

Imdb : 8.2/10

Majeed, a football manager, recruits three Nigerian footballers for his team. When Samuel, one of the players, is injured, Majeed lets him stay at his house.Over time, they develop a close bond.

Sports dramas are often cookie-cutter underdog stories but Sudani from Nigeria is truly different. It is an amazingly refreshing tale. It is set in the electric environment of football frenzy in Malappuram.

Each of the character of the film are so adorable, that they are sure to win the viewer’s heart. You should definitely see this feel-good malyalam film.

5. Varane Avashyamund (2020)

Malyalam film

Genre : Drama/Comedy-drama

Imdb :  7/10

The lives of a single mother and daughter seeking an arrange marriage, a military retiree, and a young man in an apartment complex become intertwined. From the Debutant director Anoop Sathyan, Varane Avashyamund, is a feel good drama. It is set in an urban backdrop.

The malyalam film packs some laughs and fine moments, making it a good watch.

6. Freedom at Midnight (2018)

Malyalam film

Genre : Action/Drama

Imdb : 7.4/10

After Jacob gets imprisoned for the alleged murder of a police office, he decides to befriend his fellow inmates and makes plans with them to break out. Debutant director Tinu Pappachan’s Freedom at Midnight is narrating the story of a prison break and is deliciously packed. A big thumbs up to cinematographer Gangadharan for the outstanding visuals that take the film to great heights.

The malyalam film is technically brilliant and has been passionately presented.

7. Eeda (2018)


Genre : Romance/Drama

Imdb : 7.2/10

Anand and Aishwarya fall in live not knowing that their families are mortal enemies from opposing political parties. However, the couple tries to have a life together against all odds. Firstly, it needs to be applauded that the director showed such courage to attempt a premise, which is so sensitive. Secondly, There are such intense scenes that remind the viewer about the tension and anger in the minds of rivals.

Among the highlights of the malyalam film are its performances.

Eeda is a bit too long but is honest and genuine.

8. Vikruthi (2019)


Genre : Drama/Comedy

Imdb : 7.4/10

After spending two sleepless nights taking care of his sick daughter, a person with hearing and speech disability falls asleep in a metro. A passenger photographs him and shares online. Firstly, the script is inspired from the real incident. Secondly, it has been written in an impressive way and packaging needs to be applauded. Thirdly, The brilliant performances by every actor add to the effect in a big way.

Vikruthi is relevant and honest. It has been narrated in a simple, straightforward manner.

9. Minnaminungu (2017)

Malyalam fil

Genre : Drama

Imdb : 7.9/10

A widow who raises her daughter single-handedly struggles to earn money to send Charu abroad for further studies. Little does she know of her daughter’s true intentions. However, the highlight of the film is Surabhi Lakshmi. She seizes the role with fire in her eyes. For instance,  In the way she talks, walks and looks at someone it feels like she has mustered all energy to let the character take over.

If you don’t mind shedding a tear or immersing in the realities of raising a child single-hamdedly for some time, Minnaminugu is worth a watch.

10. Thottappan (2019)

Malyalam film

Genre : Drama

Imdb : 7/10

When his partner in crime goes missing, a small-time crook dedicates himself to raising the daughter his friend left behind and transforms his life.

Thottapan, directed by Kismath fame Shanavas K Bavakutty, is an adaptation of a story by Francis Noronha.

Moreover,  with characters that are strikingly real and flawed like normal people, this one has been done in a sincere way.

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