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Tollywood, telugu film industry, is one of the main stream film industry in India. Hundreds of films are produced every year and it is the third largest film industry in terms of film production.

Amazon Prime hosts a big collection of Telugu movies, so if you are a telugu film geek or a newbie to the space, you need to look no further.

Here we present our Top 10 Picks from the collection:

1. Mathu Vadalara (2019)

Telugu thriller

Genre : Thriller/Drama

Imdb : 8.3/10

Ritesh Rana’s Mathu Vadalara is a film that will satisfy you right from the start. Right from the first shot, the film sticks to the story without meandering. The director deserves appreciation for picking such a story for his debut.
It features, Babu and Yesu, two delievery agents who decide to adopt unlawful means to make quick money. However, Babu ends up killing an old lady and lands in trouble.

Apart from the gripping plot, the hilarious gags in the film are spot on. Yesu is well-written and Satya outperformed it with ease. He proved how hilarious he can be with a well crafted character in this telugu film.

Mathu Vadalara is definitely a worthy watch, it won’t waste your time or energy.

2. Ninnu Kori (2017)

Ninnu kori telugu movie

Genre : Romance/Comedy

Imdb : 7.2/10

Directed by Shiva Nirvana, Ninnu Kori feels like trip down memory lane, which is filled with people we once loved and what happens to us when life doen’t turn out the way we envisioned. It’s a scary proposition when a story feels so close to reality.

The plot starts when Pallavi invites Uma, her ex-boyfriend to stay with her and her husband to convince him that she is happy in her marriage. Uma, tries to create a rift between the couple, hoping to win Pallavi back.

Ninnu Kori is a character driven film and Shiva Nirvana invests plenty of time in developing each of the character who have to deal with share of pain and turbulence in their lives.

You should definitely give this film a chance, it might be a bit slow bit it is soothing in its own way.

3. Bandipotu (2015)

Bandipotu telugu movie

Genre : Comedy/Drama

Imdb : 6.2/10

Mohana Krishna Indraganti’s film, Bandipotu almost seems like con film within a con film, if you pay close attention. While the film itself narrates the story of Vishwanath (Allari Naresh), a youngster who cons three rich but corrupt people at the behest of (Eesha), it’s the director who pulls out the rug right in front of your eyes.

Indraganti hits the bulls-eye with his witty dialogues, and so do cinematographer PG Vinda and music director Kalyani Koduri. At a runtime of nearly 140 minutes, the telugu film does have its share of laugh-out-loud moments.

4. Tumbbad (2018)

Telugu horror fim

Genre : Horror/Fantasy

Imdb : 8.3/10

When a family builds a shrine for Hastar, a monster who is never to be worshipped, and attempts to get their hands on his cursed wealth, they face catastrophic consequences.
The best form of horror is one which plays with your mind. The fear of the uncertain and the unknown is what evokes the strongest emotions.

Tumbbad is a perfect example of a film that creates a surreal illusion. This psychological horror has its traditional moments of blood and gore, but the most promising part of this terrifying fable is that it makes monsters out of ordinary men.

It is a real mind bender and the film’s top-notch production design makes it a movie that truly reinvents the horror genre for not only Telugu but Indian cinema too.

5. 1st Rank Raju (2019)

1st rank raju telugu movie

Genre : Comedy/Drama

Imdb : 6/10

Raju, an engineering student who is immersed in studies and has little interest in anything else, is forced to come to terms with practicality and faces many challenges as he learns life lessons.
On the whole, First Rank Raju is a satire on tiday’s education system and how the endless expectations of parents and teachers are pushing the students to the extremes.

6. 2 Hours Love (2019)

2 hour love telugu film

Genre : Drama

Imdb : 7.3/10

This telugu film follows a couple in a contractual relationship where they meet only for two hours a day and behave like strangers during other times.

Hero Sri Pawar did his role sincerely and stood as the highlight of the film. His performance is quite realistic in many scenes and the young actor showcased his emotions well in the crunch climax scenes.

The actress Kirti Garg looks refreshing and also did her key author-backed role well. Her chemistry with Sri Pawar looks good on screen.

You should definitely watch this out-of-box love story.

7. Fidaa (2017)


Genre : Romance/Drama

Imdb : 7.5/10
Varun, an NRI medical student, and Bhanu, a vivacious, young woman, fall in love with each other. However, they face many personal differences that create complications in their relationship.

Set in rural Telangana (first half) and in the US (almost entire portion of the second half), Kammula has presented a story of a strong-willed Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi) and her love-hate relationship with Varun (Varun Tej).

The actors, the writing, the scenes, the set up… everything is natural and realistic. When the actors speak, you don’t feel they are mouthing dialogues. There is inherent good-naturedness in the story and it has come out onto the screen as well.

8. Mahanati (2018)


Genre : Drama

Imdb : 8.5/10

Savitri, the most admired actress from South Indian cinema, goes through various tragic incidents in her personal life. Unable to cope with depression, she eventually becomes an alcoholic.

Watching legendary actress, Savitri’s personal and professional life unfold on screen is the most surreal experience. Director Nag Ashwin’s effective potrayal of the actress’s life is just the perfect ode to her achievements.

9. Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara (2019)


Genre : Action/Drama

Imdb : 7.8/10

Ramana falls in love but his feelings are not reciprocated. Heartbroken and overwhelmed, Ramana decides to ends his life. However, an encounter with a soul that communicates with him, helps to make him realise the importance of life over love.
Director Satesh Chandra Nadella, does away with the standard story-telling to narrate a heart warming story. He doesn’t shy away keeping the scenes long.

The film tells a heart-tugging story with reasonable maturity.

10. Maijli (2019)


Genre : Drama/Romance

Imdb : 7.2/10

After being abandoned by his lover, Anshu, Poorna takes to alcohol and is forced to marry his neighbour, Sravani. However, he soon discovers her unrequited love for him and falls for her.
Love, heartbreak and cricket is the premise around which Shiva Nirvana builds love story Maijli. He builds his characters slowly around this, and heartbreak.

It keeps you constantly interested and entertained.

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