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Online streaming has redefined the current Indian entertainment scene. Today, content has indeed become the king. Audiences are on constant look out for good content. What better place to search for this than the regional cinema.
Whether you are an ardent Kollywood fan or a newbie looking to explore the space, we present to you Top 10 Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime.

1. Vellai Pookal (2019)

Vellai Pookal

Genre:  Thriller/Drama

Imdb :   7.2/10

Directed by Vivek Elangovan, it is a gripping murder mystery that delievers its message emphatically.
Prior to its release, there were many speculations around it being an “amateurish work”. However, its team of film enthusisats with no prior experience in film making proved everyone wrong.
It follows a 57-year-old retired officer of Chennai Crime branch. Rudran goes to Seattle to reunite with his estranged son.
But soon a couple goes missing in the neighbourhood and the unseen kidnapper shows a very violent streak during the abductions. This wakes up the policeman in our protagonist.
It is one of the few murder mysteries to come out in Tamil that ticks all tropes of the genre but still retains a vivid freshness.

2. Asuran (2019)



Genre : Action/Drama
Imdb. : 8.6/10

In Veti Maaran’s “Asuran”, Sivasaami, a farmer, goes on the run with his family while attempting to save his son, Chidambaram, from the consequences of murdering a wealthy man.
Veti Maaran is one of the few directors who presents his films and characters without polishing the roots of the plot much. Consequently, “Asuran” is too raw and rustic as the plot requires it to be. The terrain, the dialect, and the setting is grounded with reality.
Dhanush’s performance in this tamil movie as the head of the family, is truly inspiring.
Manju Warrier as Sivasami’s Wife Panchaiyamma and Pasupathi, who plays Sivasami’s brother-in-law also play their parts to perfection.

3. Joker (2016)



Genre :  Drama/Comedy
Imdb  :  8.4/10

“Joker” is a true gem, a bold and brave experiment by writer-director Raju Murugan. It went on to win the “National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil”.
Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is considered as a joker in his village as he declares himself as People’s President and raises voice against corruption in his locality. He is mentally disturbed due to a cruel incident that happened to his wife, Malliga (Ramya Pandian).
The rest of the tamil movie is an emotional roller coaster ride of Mannar Mannan and his two friends, Ponoojal (Ramasamy) and Isai (Gayathri Krishna) as they file a petition for mercy killing of Malliga in Supreme Court.

4. Dharala Prabhu (2020)

 Dharala Prabhu

Genre : Comedy/Drama
Imdb : 6.9/10

Krishna Marimuthu’s “Dharala Prabhu” is the official Tamil remake of Ayushman Khurrana’s “Vickey Donor”. The tamil movie humanises all relationships, which is its strongest point. It jumps into the film without wasting any time.
Fertitly Doctor Vivekh (Kannadasan) is on the lookout for a potent sperm donor, which helps an infertile person. Kannadasan calls it a legal way of getting a baby and stalks Prabhu Govind (Harish Kalyan) to make him agree to donate sperms. When Prabhu falls in love with Nidhi Mandanna (Tanya Hope), he feels ashamed to reveal that he is a sperm donor. The truth later comes to haunt him in the film.


5. Aruvi (2016)

Tamil movie Aruvi

Genre : Drama/Political
Imdb : 8.6/10

Aruvi, a gentle girl belonging to a middle-class family, faces the trials of a troubled society and shares her story with a director who tries to use her to increase his show’s rating.
Aruvi is the proverbial girl next door, until a small misunderstanding topples her life and throws her into the streets for the bad dogs to feed on. Her life hits rock bottom, she then decides to make the people who wronged her say sorry.
Aditi Balan is undoubtedly the star performer. From being the jubilant school girl to becoming a worn-out dying lady, she looks pretty convincing, and more importantly, never boring.
The tamil movie is very much human which even treats the ‘extras’ with respect.

6. O Kadhal Kamani (2015)

Tamil movie O kadhal Kamani

Genre : Romance/ Drama
Imdb : 7.4/10

Two youngsters Adi and Tara are attracted to each other when they meet at a wedding. Since they do not believe in marriage, they decide to live together.
This Mani Ratnam film explores such intracacies of relationships and premise of marriage.
Before release, this tamil movie was also speculated to be a sequel to another film, “Alaipayuthey”. While the maker denied this, it still feels like a spiritual cousin to the previous film.
This film at its release was essentially a way to celebrate a return of form of one of the premier filmmakers of the industry.

7. To Let (2017)

Tamil movie to let

Genre :  Drama/Thriller
Imdb : 8/10

“To Let” is the only Tamil movie in the history of Indian Cinema that has been screened at over 100 international film festivals and was nominated in 80.
The directorial debut of cinematographer Chezhiyan,” To let” brings forth an important message of how urbanisation is affecting lives.
It features the struggle of a family of three. They are searching for a house to rent, having been given an ultimatum by their landlady.
It is a film that you should see not only for its noteworthy performances, but for the pureness of the subject and the simplicity of presentation.

8. Maanagaram (2017)

Maanagram Tamil movie

Genre : Action/Thriller
Imdb : 8.1/10

A man who comes to Chennai for an interview is beaten brutally. A gang of small-time criminals kidnaps the son of a local gangster from his school for a ransom.
At some level, “Maanagaram” feels like a social commentary on how a city and its people, despite being strangers sucks you into their own world and make you one of their own.
It is the kind of the drama, which at its core, drives us to see the positive side of life even when all hope seems lost.

9. U Turn (2018)

U turn tamil movie

Genre : Thriller/Mystery
Imdb : 7/10

U-Turn is not a regular whodunit but a well made paranormal thriller that moves at a rapid pace, with a stunning reveal in the climax. It is the Tamil remake of the Kannada film with same title and director. It is a faithful remake but director Pawan Kumar makes one crucial change in the climax which makes the murder mystery puzzle slightly more believable. Samantha Akkineni owns the film. She is fantastic in a very difficult role as the pivot around which the story revolves.

10. Monster (2019)

Monster tamil movie

Genre : Drama/Comedy
Imdb : 6.8/10

The film features, Anjanam, who respects all life forms, faces trouble after a rat creates havoc in his house. While he tries to get rid of the rodent, a criminal breaks into his home to find his missing diamonds.
The concept of the Nelson-Venkatesh directed film is interesting featuring a convincing performance by S J Suryah and a pesky rat. Both the hero and the villain here have equal footing.
The VFX team has done a good job and the screenplay could have been tight.
On the whole, “Monster” offers something new and is a fairly engaging film.


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