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India is a diverse country. You can just travel from one state to another state of the country to experience a whole another world of culture, language and traditions. One of the main advantage of this diversity is we can watch movies and shows not only in Hindi, English but in many more languages like Bengali. There are many platforms offering Bengali web series but Hoichoi is arguably one of the best. Therefore, we decided to list top Bengali web series streaming online on Hoichoi that you shouldn’t miss.



This Bengali adult comedy is probably what you need to relax amid all the chaos of life. Daina wants to add spice in her movie. She decides to indulge in couple swapping. Seems interesting right? Watch how things go unplanned and turns into one big mess.



A festive household, a guest that no one was expecting and an instant recipe of entertainment is ready. Add 2 murders in the list of chaos and you will get a perfect binge watch series for weekends. This drama thriller keeps you hooked till the end. Pooja Baneerjee made her debut from this series



This Bengali horror comedy web series stars one of the finest actors of television industry. Its comic timings and hilarious twist and turns make it an entertainment package.



In this horror comedy, A Cartoonist moves in a new apartment with his girlfriend. He later finds out that the place is haunted by animated ghosts. This comic ride will probably leave you with stomachache because of loads of laughter.



This series is a collection of stories dealing with human emotions entrapped in a continuous maze of realities .Paranoia will keep you hooked till the end with its intact story line and few thoughts stirring moments. Don’t miss this Hoichoi series.



Kuddus have everything but peace. he decides to take a trip to cure his soul and find his true self. During his trip he encounters strange people and series of unreal events.Witness his strange journey only on Hoichoi



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Internet has lots to give but it can take from you too. Indra unwittingly hacks into an anonymous portal while searching for new video games .He soon realizes he is now victim of a new threat, dark web. watch the darker side of internet with Indra and stay hooked to this series till the end.


The story is basically inspired by true events, a serial killer who killed several people in the year of 1985 to 1989 in Mumbai and Calcutta and remained unidentified. The murderer is known as the Stone man as he uses a stone to kill people. You should definitely  watch this series for a thriller ride into the world of a serial killer.


We cannot complete list without this gem.When Eken babu lands up in an apartment in Bangalore, little does the residents know what rollar coaster ride of emotion awaits them. Watch the quirky side of Eken babu exclusively on Hoichoi.


Byomkesh is a detective who is in ‘search of truth. Bakshi is known for his proficiency with observation, logical reasoning, and forensic science which he uses to solve complicated cases, usually murders. This highly recommended show is  a roller coaster ride of mystery,suspense, thrill and everything in between.

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