(Last Updated On: 5 February, 2020)

A lot of television series made internationally offer riveting content and beguiling storyline. Zee5 has acquired the streaming rights of various shows originating from countries like South Korea, Turkey, Colombia, and Brazil. The OTT Platform not only streams these shows digitally but has also dubbed a number of them in Hindi. Hence, Indian binge-watchers need not miss out on quality shows.

Stating a few of them below:

1. Relationship Status – It’s Complicated:

Source: YouTube

The original title to this Turkish romantic comedy is İlişki Durumu: Karışık. Seren Şirince and Berk Oktay star in this Turkish adaptation to the South Korean television series, Full House. The story revolves around individuals sharing emotions of love, pride, hate, jealousy and friendships with each other. Due to its popularity, the show has a total of three seasons airing on Zee5 dubbed in Hindi.

2. Descendants of the Sun:

Source: YouTube

Zee5 airs this superhit South Korean series starring Song Joong-ki and Song-Hye-Kyo dubbed in Hindi. The series is originally titled as Tae-yang-eui hoo-ye and is set against the backdrop of war. It further highlights the growing love story between an Army officer and an Army Surgeon.

3. Total Dreamer:

Source: YouTube

Total Dreamer is the dubbed version of the Brazilian television soap Totalmente Demais. Luiz Henrique Rios has directed the series which stars Marna Ruy Barbosa in the lead. It showcases the journey of a poor girl whose life changes drastically after getting an offer in the glamour industry. Furthermore, the series also received a nomination at the 45th International Emmy Awards in the category of Best Telenovela.

4. The Girl:

Source: YouTube

The Girl is the dubbed version of the 2016 Colombian drama La Nina. The series revolves around a girl forcibly guerillas and experiences the horrors of war. Besides this, her journey of escape and acceptance in society constitutes the main plot.

5. The Hypochondriac:

Source: YouTube

La hipocondriaca, is the original title to The Hypochondriac. It is a 2013 Colombian telenovela available on Zee5. The story revolves around a woman diagnosed with a terminal illness. She substitutes her anxiety regarding the same into a quest for authenticity and romantically associates with her doctor who hides a secret from her.

6. Men Cry Too:

Source: YouTube

Another Colombian romantic drama that aired in 2015 and is now available on Zee5. The series is not only dubbed in Hindi but is also available in Tamil and Telugu. It stars popular faces like Guillermo Garcia, Monica Ortega, and Carolina Gomez. The story highlights the failed love story of a doctor. Following a heartbreak, he confides in another woman and narrates his dreadful experiences to her.

7. Bread, Love, and Romance:

Source: YouTube

Lastly, we have is Je-bbang-wang Kim-tak-goo, a 2010 Korean drama. Bread, Love, and Romance is the title of its Hindi dubbed version. It revolves around the illegitimate child of a maid and the owner of a Baking company. It thus highlights the son’s journey in being an incredible baker surpassing his father.


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