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There are many struggles which come with this wave of tough competitions and complicated career choices. Often we seem to lose our optimism and desire in the midst of tremendous pressure to achieve our goals. In times like these, seeking a source of inspiration becomes profoundly important. A lot of web series are produced particularly for this reason. Some Indian web series not only inspires us but they also give us a fresh outlook on our dreams and ambitions. So , here’s the list of  top-inspiring Indian web series that may help you.


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TVF Pitchers is among the best inspiring web series ever made. Show is about four men, who rediscover what they really want in life. It set in motion the chain of events, as they work hard to get their startup of the ground. Top of all, it shows the challenges and problems an entrepreneur faces in transforming his vision into reality. For example, Show provides a real world view where investors are hard to deal with and how it gets complicated as you step closer to success.

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Bose has inspired millions to pursue their own dreams and direction. The viewers would also see the story of Netaji from a new lens. For instance, Netaji establishing his own army under British’s nose motivates millions to pursue their own dreams.  The unfolding of the mystery revolving around Bose makes the point rather wisely whether Bose is either dead or alive. This series gives you a sense of patriotism and determination to make life worth living.

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This multilingual documentary web series is based on Chennai Super Kings, an Indian Premier League team. They returned to the 2018 edition of the IPL after serving a 2 year ban. This compelling story will help you find motivation to start life again. It will assure you that failure is fine but it’s necessary to rise again.

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I can assure you that this series has everything you need for a successful and motivational time. Humorously, Yours is the stand-up comic chronicles of Vipul Goyal and his mini adventures. This show is a must watch, with its combination of comedic and heart-warming moments. Above all, Vipul Goyal’s way of presenting himself is brilliant.

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5. Girl in the city

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Meera move continues to work as a Fashion Designer in Mumbai. Life, however, is not as simple as it may seem. She struggles hard to establish her own voice in the fashion industry while tackling other personal issues. This show offers a look into a young aspirant’s life and her real world fights. This illustrates above all how one should never give up on their goals, no matter how hard the situation is.

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6. Official Chukyagiri

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Spandan Chukya, knows that Mumbai is the place where your dreams come true. He learns on his long journey from Meerut to Mumbai that every vision has a price, each choice has a consequence, and every victory comes from a sacrifice. This story portrays every person’s life trying to develop his identity in the corporate world — but he has to encounter several trials and tribulations. Official Chukyagiri is about an intern at an MNC-ANALOG and from his eyes we see the corporate world. For example, the values he comes with after doing his MBA and all the lessons he’s learned from his books and teachers, and how different the big bad world is.

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7. Panchayat

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Panchayat is a brand new and very different story. It shows a journey of an engineering graduate who joins as secretary of a panchayat office in the remote village of Phulera, Uttar Pradesh, India because of lack of a better job choice. The series reveals how he manages all the village issues. Even though he wants a much better job than this, he’s still trying to work towards it. Each episode shows the different problems that he has to face with the people in the village.

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8. Laakhon Mein Ek

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Laakhon Mein Ek, by Amazon Prime, is a compelling tale that touches our mind and heart. “Laakhon Mein Ek” series presents tales of our country’s common citizens battling the unjust system to bring about a change. Dr. Shreya, played by ShewtaTripathi, was transferred for conducting a cataract camp to a village called Sitlapur. From the day she arrived she constantly faces challenges from the people of the village. Slowly, by overcoming the obstacles, she and her team won the trust of the villagers and persuaded them to register their name for free care in the cataract camp. On the other hand, dirty political games are taking place which directly affected the cataract camp. Her struggles and morals in these tough times are insiprational.

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