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TVF InMates reviewName: InMates

Released On: 13 October, 2017

Available On: Netflix, TVF Play, MX Player

No. of Episodes: 5

Written By: Raghav Raj Kakker, Kashyap Kapoor

Directed By: Yazad Anklesaria

Cast: Mukti Mohan, Akanksha Thakur, Ashish Verma, Raghav Raj Kakker, Kashyap Kapoor


Inmates is a 2017 youth comedy created by TVF. It revolves around the intertwined lives of five youngsters and the rapport they share with each other. Each of them has there own quest to fulfill and the amicable friendship they share amongst one another is the primary plot of the miniseries.

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Fooga, Madhav and Rahul are friends sharing Fooga’s penthouse in Mumbai. Madhav (Verma) works as a sales executive for a lingerie brand and struggles with finding himself a girlfriend. Rahul (Kakker) is a struggling actor and takes several rounds to and fro the audition studios. Fooga (Kapoor), on the other hand, is the son of a well-known criminal and Indian drug lord. It’s been years since he has met his dad and hence makes numerous attempts to trace him throughout the globe.

Tvf inmates
A still from the show

Richa (Thakur), the neighbor, visits the three friends occasionally. She is a casting director and DOP. Madhav is all set to meet his Tinder match in person. Due to this, Rahul guides him on proceeding further. However, his dreams are shattered when she turns out to be a woman twice his age. Furthermore, she introduces him to her nymphomaniac husband. He returns home and his friends mock him. Fooga informs them about his cousin who will be sharing their space for some days. Madhav, hesitant at first, rebels against the decision but changes his mind the moment he sees their guest. Fooga’s cousin turns out to be his beautiful half-sister Kay (Mohan) whom Madhav falls for at the very first sight. Kay is a free-spirited, modernistic feminist.

Madhav offers his room to Kay. Not only this, he even cleans the entire space to impress her with his qualities. However, Kay doesn’t reciprocate to his feelings at all. Fooga gets distressed following Madhav’s cleaning session. This is due to him not being able to find his pet cockroach Sam amidst the clean household. All of the members including Kay search thoroughly for Sam but are left helpless. Due to this, Fooga’s outrage is uncontrollable. Kay suggests taking the friends out for drinks to move past Sam’s grief. She insists on inviting Richa.

Ashish Verma and Kashyap Kapoor in InMates

At the party, a man makes advances towards Rahul. Fooga is busy concentrating on his “Foogalicious” burger while Madhav keeps on making frivolous attempts to win Kay’s heart. Kay and Richa engage themselves in conversations over vodka shots. Richa narrates the tale of her over-possessive and insecure fiance Varun to Kay. The latter consoles her and the two gradually end up making out at the penthouse. Madhav is once again heart-broken knowing Kay’s sexual preference. The friends find out Sam but he is no more alive.

Akanksha Thakur as Richa

The friends encounter two weird situations one after the other. The first includes Varun’s return and Richa breaking up with him due to his chauvinistic nature. The friends console her and make her stay with them. However, she doesn’t escalate her relationship with Kay and the two become good friends. The next situation is when Rahul brings his reality show idol Param at their house. Param manages to brainwash the friends against each other but the gang realizes it soon and calls in the very famous Raghu Rajiv to conduct Param’s exit in a reality show style.

Mukti Mohan and Raghav Raj Kakker in InMates

The InMates further grow fond of each other when Madhav gets fired from his company, Fooga suffers a mild heart-attack, Kay taking a stand for Rahul at his ex’s wedding. The season one of TVF InMates ends on a happy note with Richa and Madhav falling for one another, Rahul getting his much-anticipated break at the movies, Fooga’s health improving and a surprise visit by his anonymous father.


TVF InMates is a heartfelt comedy that hits the right chords with the drool-worthy depiction of friendship and love. The characters were realistic and their performances were remarkable. One loophole in the storyline was Madhav’s abrupt confession to Richa regarding his feelings.

A still from the show

Mukti Mohan steals the show with her depiction of an opinionated, strong-headed who isn’t afraid to accept her sexuality. Further, her monologue works as a fitting reply to people who have objectified women around the years and have been psychopaths against topics like homosexuality. Kashyap Kapoor’s comic timing is impeccable. Kakker, Verma, and Thakur are impressive with their screen presence.

What Works: Screenplay, dialogues, and performances

What doesn’t work: A lesser appealing ending and Madhav’s change of feelings for Richa

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended: Yes



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