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Most of the time the characters we watch on-screen make a special place in our hearts. Be it their invincible charm, their chiseled looks or their drool-worthy performances.  There’s something about them we cannot stop gushing over. The following are such characters from our favorite web series and shows we wish we could have as our Valentine.

Dr. Aamir Warsi – Four More Shots Please!


If Milind Soman were our doctor, we would love to visit the clinics every day. Just like Damini’s, Dr. Warsi is a man of our dreams. He is tall, dark and handsome with a scintillating sense of humor. Besides, nobody could understand a woman’s aspirations better than a hotshot gynecologist like him. Who wouldn’t want to go out with this Made In India charmer?

Chandan Sharma – TVF Tripling


Sumeet Vyas as Chandan is our next ideal date for Valentine. This strong-headed man might look stern from the outside but is a diehard romantic from the inside. There’s nothing better than him reciting the poems he would write for you on your romantic evening. Furthermore, there’s something hopelessly attractive about his temper a girl can’t stop falling for. “You look more beautiful when you are angry Baba!”

Tara Khanna – Made in Heaven


Independent and opinionated women are the most desirable ones. he best thing about  Shobhita Dhulipala‘s Tara is her denial of letting anything hamper her self esteem. She is a courageous woman who is an epitome of commitment. She can stand against all odds to fulfill her promises. Hence, you would definitely not be left stood up on a date with her.

Nazia – The Trip


Every moment with Mallika Dua‘s Nazia as your Valentine would be a roller coaster of fun, frolic, and laughter. Her romantic side might not have been displayed that well. But this ‘Kwauty’ would binge-watch every Bollywood classic and would share her fries with you. They say good friends make the best girlfriends. We are hands down at Nazia being Ananya’s bestest bridesmaid throughout the series. Other than that, you could also take a friend on a double date with her handsome brother Adil.


Sweety Gupta – Mirzapur


Shriya Pilgaonkar’s Sweety is the woman you can take home as well as come home to. She makes for a fearless lover who wouldn’t mind showering all her affection to you in front of the world. You’ll also need not worry about third parties since she’d barely allow anyone to mess up with her. Besides, she will also stick by you through thick and thin even if that costs her an entire life.

Ahaan – Broken But Beautiful 2


Gaurav Arora played Ahaan aka ‘Mushroom’ in season 2 of this popular web series. Mushroom would do anything to put a smile on Samson’s face. He is the kind of guy who would convince you to give each other a chance. Your chemistry with him would be undeniable and amicable. Further, he would turn out being your biggest confidante and let nothing bore you on your brunches together.

Chef Vikram Singh Chauhan – Cold Lassi aur Chicken Masala

Chef Vikram

Rajeev Khandelwal played the alluring Chef Vikram in this ALT Balaji Original. Apart from his magnetic personality, this hunk would make you drool over him with the delicacies he makes. With Vikram as your Valentine, you are assured of a cozy date at home with yesteryear’s music where you end up being full of love as well as a tummy.

Dhruv – Little Things


We could obviously not complete our list without mentioning Dhruv Sehgal in Little Things. Dhruv is the perfect soulmate who’d handle all your mood swings, cook for you, deal with your hangovers and love you relentlessly. He possesses all the abovementioned traits we’d want in our Valentine. One can give up anything to find someone like Dhruv. How envious we are of you Kavya!

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