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The best days of our lives are indeed spent in school and college. From being punished in school for petty reasons to bunking the college lectures, we enjoyed a hell lot. If you disagree, we’re sorry but you were either a studious geek or had a really bad social life. Don’t regret it much because we’ve found a solution for your nostalgia.Here’s a list of Web Series to deal with everything that’s going wrong now.


The Timeliners’ web series College Romance is a story of three BFFs: Trippy, Karan and Naira. It’s a fun ride about how they fall in love and how their ridiculous romantic stories take off.The show unfolds the beautiful experience of college life with cliched college shenanigans like love at first sight, pool parties and road trips . #Yaar_Pyar_Aur_Bakchodi.

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The Timeliners’ web series Engineering Girls, is a 5 episode web-series about the story of three feisty girls, Teja, Maggu, and Sabu. We see how they navigate the halls & hostels of their engineering college.

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With a classic Indian family tale, The Viral Fever brings old-world charm to a relatively show Yeh Meri Family. Set in the “summer of 98”, this comedy-drama follows the high and lows of Gupta family. Yeh Meri family is a story told from the worldview of a 12-year old about how his family manages various ups and downs experienced in their day to day lives. The web series will surely reminds you of  your school years, particularly the summer vacations.

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Zoom Studios Originals’ web-series, The Reunion – Jab They Met is about 4 friends, Arya, Dev, Deva and Gaurav who plan for a reunion at their school. They find answers to what was left behind 10 years ago and how it is important to look back in life in order to move ahead all amidst the Bourbon High Batch of 2008.  The series brings back nostalgia and memories with a crazy roller-coaster ride.

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Girls’ Hostel, a web series by The Timeliners shows how girls are no less than guys. The series narrates the experience of freedom endowed by a girls hostel. The series explores the everyday lives of four dental students- Richa, Milli, Jo and Zahira. Their struggles include dealing with pervasive personal issues right from overbearing parents to eccentric wardens, from mean girls to societal issues.

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This web series by The Timeliners aims to tell a love story all classic 90s style. The story revolves around teenage love, heartbreak and your crush, the world. FLAMES is the story of a chemical reaction unfolding as a young romance.

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The latest talk of town is TVF Original series Kota Factory. It revolves around the lives of IIT aspirants based in Kota, the coaching centre industry and the vicissitudes of a student’s life.Also, it shows the backdrop of  the IIT production and how students are treated as subjects.Being India’s first ‘Black and White’ show, it highlights the problems of present day IIT-JEE aspirants.

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I’mMATURE is an Indian drama comedy web series launched by The Viral Fever. ImMature follows the story of a teenager named Dhruv and his pursuit of an out of league crush named Chhavi. The show depicts the innocence, awkwardness, and stubbornness of young love through the story of love struck protagonist.

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Well, we hope you enjoy these shows. Also, let us know what you think of these shows in the comments section. Don’t forget to pour in suggestions if you have any.

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