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Name: Your Honor

Release Date:  18 June 2020

Available on: SonyLIv

Director: E Niwas

Cast: Varun Badola, Pulkit Makol, Jimmy Sheirgill

About the Story:

In the SonyLiv web series Your Honor, a judge from Ludhiana loses his honor and sense of judgment when his only son gets involved during a hit-and-run accident. Abeer grievously injures a biker and flees. As if that isn’t bad enough, the accident victim is the son of gangster Satbir.

Your Honor


Your Honor

Jimmy Shergil plays the role of the Judge who is a single parent. As usual, Jimmy Shergil doesn’t fail to impress with his world-class acting. Mita Vashisht is superb as Kiran, a mother trying to sail a rickety boat through very choppy waters. She subtly portrays Kiran’s deference towards Bishan, whom she respects, also as Kiran’s frustration when she begins to pay an important price for that respect. Varun Badola, whose Kashi is similarly forced to get his head on the block for Bishan, Yashpal Sharma, in the role of ruthless gangster Pandit, and Kunj Anand, as Satbir’s equally ruthless son Harnam, each leaves their mark in their scenes. Pulkit Makol is also convincing in the role of unlikable and feckless Abeer. he’s the type who will, and does, get into trouble, then expect to be bailed out for it.

Your Honor


Writer Ishan Trivedi has dug deep into the dark criminal empire prevalent in some parts of the country and tried to explore it through the online series. The series also highlights the love between a father and a son and also their relationship. Once the series begins, it’s quite simple to settle on a protagonist and an antagonist of the show. The writer makes sure to keep the viewers engaged throughout due to the narrative and the climax of each episode.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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